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An introduction to MUSEO Alu-Frame

For every size and every style, including the extraordinary. Developed and made to fully support your art, forever. 

Artists and MUSEO Alu-Frame

Meet Jack Liemburg of Jack’s Art.
A Dutch painter, well-known for his artworks where he combines painting techniques and photography. Find out what inspires him and why he likes working with Museo Alu-Frames.

Meet dutch painter Leon Bosboom, known for his magnificent bull paintings. We’re proud Leon works with our high quality canvas and aluminum frames.

Meet Gerrit Knikker, a Dutch painter who is well-known for the deep and intense colours he uses, and the size of his paintings.

Meet Geert Jan Jansen, a Dutch painter who has developed his own technique, which he calls ‘casts’. Another style he has developed is the splash series. He often works with extra large canvases. For such painting you need a strong, well-stretched canvas. We’re proud Geert Jan works with our high quality canvas and aluminum frames.

Museo Alu-Frames are the perfect solution when you are working on larger artworks. Made to fully support your art, forever. Any size is possible!

MUSEO Tutorials

Do you want to stretch your own canvas over a Museo Alu-Frame? This new video will show you how.